Frequently Asked Questions

What are "Limited Ingredient" Dog Treats?

While limited ingredient dog food has grown in popularity over the past five years, not as much emphasis has been placed on limited ingredient dog treats. When you flip your bag of food or dog treats over, it’s not hard to tell when you're holding a bag full of chemicals with tons of questionable ingredients. That list of stuff on the back is the easiest way to know if you’re holding limited ingredient dog treats in your hands.
What is a Limited Ingredient Dog Treat?
Experts say there is no exact definition. Obviously, companies creating limited ingredient dog treats are working to do better by your dog. This means you may see buzzwords that indicate healthy dog treat, but these don’t matter if the ingredient list is as large as the bag and full of chemicals.
Limited ingredient dog treats are really all about the easy elimination of ingredients that may be upsetting your dog’s stomach. How? Well, you may find that your dog simply handles the treats better, and you’ll feel better knowing they are eating healthy, nutritious treats. In addition, if your dog is reacting to food and treats with an upset stomach, it’s far easier to check the ingredients in limited ingredient treats and food than in normal treats and food. This makes it easier to figure out what ingredient is upsetting their stomachs.
What to Look for in Limited Ingredient Dog Treats?
This really depends on what you’re looking for and why. When we set about making nutritious dog treats for our dogs and Two Sisters Bakery, we wanted treats that were nutritious, healthy, and treats that didn’t use the usual terrible ingredients used in so many large brand food and treats.
This means that for us, we wanted limited ingredient food that included human grade ingredients that we would eat. So what do you look for? We suggest looking for treats you would eat, and treats your dog will love!
Limited Ingredient Dog Treats: Are they the Right Choice for Your Dog?
Will limited ingredient treats cure what ails your dog? If it’s itchy skin and upset tummies, they just might! They will, of course, have to be added to a limited ingredient diet that includes great dog food. However, if you’re already using limited ingredient, protein heavy dog food without all the chemicals, and your dog is still having issues, than their treats are definitely the next best place to look!
Do Dogs Really Need Limited Ingredient Diets?
If your pet is suffering from medical issues, the first best thing to do for them is a vet. A vet can help you figure out a diet plan that will help your dog, and make sure nothing else is going on. On the other hand, if your dog is perfectly healthy they may not need a particular diet. However, just like us, dogs benefit from great food and great treats that are good for them.
We developed Two Sisters Bakery limited ingredient dog treats because we felt like our girls did need something special. We’re not vets, and we’re not specialists, but we absolutely believe you can see a change in a dogs energy levels, their coats, and their overall health when they are getting the best food and treats we can buy them. If you haven’t yet, try out some better food and some delicious Two Sister Dog Treats and check to see the difference in your dog!

The Best Healthy Dog Treats

We create the best healthy dog treats on the market in our own kitchen. Two Sisters Bakery uses only human food grade ingredients, and each recipe is mastered right in our home.