About Two Sisters

...and Our Baked Dog Treats

It all started in the kitchen...
experimenting, concocting and generally making a mess!

The goal was to hit the kitchen and create baked dog treats for our two beautiful German Shepard sisters, Mickey and Sissy. Using ingredients we would love, and making sure there was not anything that would upset their tummies, we set out to bake! The more we baked dog treats, the more we tried different things, and the better the treats smelled baking in the oven.
One weekend stretched into months of pure kitchen fun. It was not long before as each new batch finished cooking in the oven, Mickey and Sissy would start getting a little crazy. They were the best taste testers, and we were so blessed having them in our lives. As it turned out, a lot of local dog owners were looking for nutritious, baked dog treats created at home with limited ingredients that their dogs would love!
We are so excited to offer our dog treats to everyone across the country that love their dogs and care about how their food and treats are made. We hope your furry babies enjoy Two Sisters Bakery Dog Treats and we are so happy you found us!
Two Sister's Bakery Dog Treats

We love our dogs and we want them to have the best.

Believe it or not, we did not start calling our Mickey and Sissy the “Two Sisters.”
They loved to go to dog camp, and everyone there dubbed them with their nickname. The dog camp parents were the ones who initially could not get enough of our baked dog treats. This is were they got their name, we got our name, and we discovered there was a need in the community of dog owners for nutritious, healthy treats.
Giving Back to Animal Welfare

Two Sisters Bakery is Giving Back to Pets!

We don’t know about you, but we’re always looks for products that give back. If you can make a purchase and give back to a worthy cause, why wouldn’t you?
It’s a win-win!